Thursday, January 19, 2012

Woodford Reserve 1838 Sweet Mash

In my review of Woodford's Rare Rye, I mentioned that I had noticed a trend in the flavor of the master's distiller's collection.  There is an unpleasant leather flavor to these whiskeys that I just don't like.

The Sweet Mash is an interesting concept.  If you look at your typical bottle of bourbon, it will say sour mash, that is because the yeast used to make that whiskey has some history.  They use yeast from the previous batch to make the next batch, creating an awesome bourbon family-tree-time-machine that has a somewhat acidic ph, hence sour mash.  This whiskey was made with a brand new culture, and is therefore a sweet mash.

All I know is that I bought this bourbon last year, check that, two years ago, in Clarksville just before the Steelers laid the wood on the Titans.  It cost $120 and tastes like leather with a touch of honey and basically sucks.

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