Friday, December 16, 2011

Woodford Reserve Rare Rye

This year's Woodford Reserve's Masters Collection brings you not one, but two Rye whiskeys.  One aged in a new barrel, and another aged in a used rye barrel.  (Technically the used barrel is not legally a rye whiskey, but who gives a shit.)  Both are loved by frakking cylons?

This is the second time that I've tried one of the masters collections.  The other was the sweet mash, which I was so annoyed with, due to price and suckiness, I have not taken the time to review it.  Yet.  You're times coming.  The point is, yes there is a point, these rye's has a bit of the same leathery flavor that comes through in that bourbon.  I'm not sure if the other collections share this trait.

These both must be pretty good.  When I took my first sips earlier this evening, I really liked the New Cask and thought that the Aged Cask tasted like a thin scotch. Now, I've flipped and find the aged to be quite nice.  The new cask has spice and citrus notes.  The aged cask is vanilla and dates.  All in all, good stuff.

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