Thursday, December 29, 2011

Power Rye: The Whole James Harrison Thing

I've been stewing on this topic for 3 weeks now.  I've thought about making many of the following points/rants.  It's going to be a rant.

  • The NFL is getting too pussed up, but I'm hooked on it like crack and can't give up my first love.
  • Dear Colt McCoy, next time, do what Manning did for 12 years and duck.
  • Screw Roger the Clown.
  • Screw Mike Greenberg and everyone else at ESPN.
  • Dear James, I'm with you, but feel free to start popping spleens and puncturing lungs instead of ringing bells.  The man has beat us down.
I'm going to vent the last of my frustration against ESPN and the whole LOL tweet debacle.  First of all, they cherry picked the scariest image that they could find to put next to hist tweet, but why not use his actual twitter image?  Because it doesn't fit the story that they want to sell!

What a monster.

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