Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Power Rye Week 10. The polls are in, we have a champion?

The first team to 10 is the champ right.  Congratulations Ohio State!  Wait, that's not how it works.  Shit.

The Power Rye, or Power Wry, depending on my mood and state of sobriety, is the most accurate ranking of college football available.  Each week, I feed all of the facts, figures, stats, scores and a pint of rye whiskey into the Power Rye ranking matrix.  Two days later, I pinch off a post.
We're the best yeah, better than all the rest!

  1. Alabama (9-0)  Defeated LSU 21-17.  Why do the best teams in the country constantly turn out snoozer games.
  2. Oregon (9-0) Defeated USC 62-51.  Has Lane Kiffen actually won anything besides biggest douche in the universe?
  3. Kansas State (9-0) Defeated Oklahoma State 44-30.  And once again, nobody watched it.
  4. Ohio State (10-0) Defeated Illinois 52-22.  Hire Ron Zook!
  5. Our Lady de You Lucky Bastards (9-0) defeated Pitt 29-26.  I'm glad that Big Ben saved is B game for the Giants.
  6. Louisville (9-0) Defeated Temple 45-17. I can't believe that a big time program or an NFL team as not hired Bobby Petrino.
  7. Georgia (8-1) Defeated Mississippi 37-10.  Peachy
  8. Oregon State (7-1) Defeated Arizona State 36-26.
  9. Florida (8-1) Defeated Missouri 14-7.  Really?
  10. Kent State (8-1) Defeated Akron 35-24.  The hot MACtion continues.

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