Monday, November 12, 2012

Power Rye Week 11 2012. Stumble Trip, Stumble Trip.

The Power Rye, or Power Wry, depending on my mood and state of sobriety, is the most accurate ranking of college football available.  Each week, I feed all of the facts, figures, stats, scores and a pint of rye whiskey into the Power Rye ranking matrix.  Two days later, I pinch off a post.

  1. Oregon (10-0) Defeated Cal 59-17.  The Pac-12 needs to consider a mercy rule.
  2. Kansas State (10-0) Defeated TCU 23-10.  While it was not his greatest game, we need to stop pretending that anyone other than Calvin Klein is going to win the Heismen this year.
  3. Ohio State (10-0) Did not play and moved up.  How Tressellian of you Urban.
  4. Our Lady de Ho-Hum (10-0) defeated Boston College 21-6.  Ho-Hum.
  5. Alabama (9-1)  Lost to Texas A&M.  The SEC is still tops, but the gap is closing rapidly.
  6. Georgia (9-1) Defeated Auburn 38-0.  That's it?  Poor showing by Georgia.
  7. Florida (9-1) Defeated La Lafayette 27-20.  Really?
  8. Florida State (9-1) Defeated Va Tech 28-22.  The weekly prize for further exposing the Va Tech sham goes to the Seminoles.
  9. Texas A&M Defeated Alabama 29-27.  Johnny Football is a hell of a player.  Throws the most accurate wounded duck in the nation.
  10. Kent State (9-1) Defeated Miami 48-32.  Why not?
Having said all that.  Don't be shocked if Alabama sneaks back into the title game.

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