Monday, October 5, 2009

Two Parts Wry Observations, NFL Week 4, NCAA Week 5, A Whale's Vagina Edition

Here we go:
  • Looks like Ohio State is once again king turd on top of shit mountain.
  • Even if he gets his wins back from the NCAA, Bobby Bowden will never catch Joe Pa.
  • Notre Dame could easily be 1-4.  That is the worst tackling team in the history of football.
  • Five minutes left in the Michigan State v Michigan game, Spartie up by 14.  I can mow my lawn.  Later I see that they won in overtime.  Spartie tried to be Spartie.
  • I don't think that there is a dominant team in College football this year.  Maybe Texas.
  • The San Diego Chargers are the Virginia Tech of the NFL.  Every year, people think that they are a pre-season darling.  Every year, they get exposed.
  • Buckeye Hatin' Chris said it right.  Bellicheck loaned Tomlin his balls this week.  Going for it on 4 and inches on your own 30 in the second quarter.  Nice!
  • The Bronco's may be for real.  The cowboys definitely are not.
  • There is a distinct odor of poo coming from Nashville, and I'm not talking about Vanderbilt. Time to start Vince Young.  Whether he is good or bad, you can decide your future.
  • Does anyone want to play the Saints right now?  Did you ever think that you would hear anyone say that?
  • If you ever get into trouble, call Tony Dungy, apparently all sins are forgivenGood person, but c'mon.  First Vick and now Lagarette Blount.  Bye the way, nice punch.

The Steeler Drinking Game rules have been updated and made more optimistic.  They can be found in the last widget on the right.  Nothing like an ass-kicking to make you feel better.  The unofficial tally (I was drinking) for this week is:
  • 2 McNutty's
  • 5 "Hold!"s
  • 1 Poop Shoot.
  • 13 pump fakes.  I know that I lost count on that one.
  • Your friend!  8 catches, 2 drops.
  • 8 Miller Times
  • 5 Swaggins. 
  • 4 Softee D's
  • 2 Head & Shoulders
  • 2 Gay Plays of the Day

1 comment:

  1. I like the shout-out! As for the Saints, I predicted them in the preseason to be make NFC championship game vs. Packers. I'm not telling you who I predicted in the AFC Championship game. Buckeye-Hatin' Chris