Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two Parts Wry Observations NFL Week 4 Preview, Steelers Drinking Game

These things tend to evolve over time so expect updates to the rules from Time To Time.
  1. One person is designated as the McNutty.  If you have a girls cowboy hat available, the McNutty should wear it.  Every time Ben gets sacked, the McNutty gets to hand out 9 drinks and designates someone else to be the McNutty.
  2. The Harrisson hold rule.  If James Harrisson gets held, everyone must yell "Hold!"  The last person to yell drinks.  If a flag is thrown, no one drinks.
  3. The poop shoot rule.  Drink once for every penalty called on Willie Colon.
  4. Throw the damn ball rule.  Drink once for every time Ben pump fakes.  This should average 3 drinks per pass play.
  5. Hands of stone rule.  Drink twice for every time Ike Taylor drops an easy interception.  Drink 3 times if he catches it.
  6. The stop being a pussy rule.  Drink 3 times when the Steelers attempt a field goal from inside the 10 yard line.  5 times from inside the 5.  Finish your drink if it's from the 1 yard line.
  7. The slow developing run play rule.  Drink everytime the backside linebacker or end goes unblocked and blows up Parker/Mendenhall/Moore in the backfield.
  8. The 86 rule.  Drink everytime Hines lights someone up.
  9. The softee-D rule.  Drink when our db's give a 10 yard cushion allowing an easy completion.
  10. The Troy rules.  Drink every time Polamalu overruns a tackle and whiffs.  When injured, drink each time TV shows him on the sideline while the defense is getting picked apart.  Drink every time you feel uncomfortable while watching his Head & Shoulders commercials.


  1. You forgot...
    11. Drink two for every dropped pass by Holmes.
    12. Finish your drink on every miss FG < 45 yds by Reed.
    13. Drink X (X = yards penalized) by Hines.
    14. Drink 3 for every pass caught by opponent when Winged God of Pass Coverage is in area but fails to make a play.
    15. Drink for each cradle rock (left to right to left) by Gay.
    16. Drink 1 for every play Ryan Clark makes.

    I'm out...Buckeye-Hatin' Chris

  2. I thought of some of those. But I thought that the game was negative enough as is and 10 is a nice round number. Plus, If we wait for Clark to make a play, we'll be damned thirsty.

  3. New Rule. Drink everytime you feel unconfortable watching the head & shoulders commercial starring Troy.