Thursday, June 18, 2009

The worst thing in my bar

The drink: Jim Beam Red Stag
Childish review: More like Red Gag
Looking at the bright side review: It tastes better than Nyquil. Weird, my sinuses just cleared up.

I wanted to start with a positive review. I decided to do a PSA instead. Don't buy it. Don't drink it.

This showed up in Ohio a month or so ago. New whiskey, gotta have it. Jim Beam is decent. I think their Rye is pretty good, especially at the price. I like manhattan's. Cherry flavored bourbon would be perfect. Right? The label says that it is infused with natural flavors. Apparently sugar flavored ass is a natural flavor.

Approximate price: $18.95
The grade: F
Cost adjusted grade: F-


  1. Jim, Jim, Jim..... I thought I taught you better. Bourbon is bourbon. Any pristine spirit beverage will not have added flavors. If you want flavors, dip into the $10.00 flavored brandies. On the other hand, although sugar flavored ass doesn't sound tasty it sure brings up an interesting mental image.

  2. Anything new in the bourbon section usually comes home with me. If they had actually done an infusion with cherries, that would have been something good.

    I want to know who at Jim Beam thought that there would be a market for this swill. I also want to know who thought that it tasted good.