Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tales from the top shelf: Pappy Van Winkle's 23 year old family reserve

You should be jealous.
Stupid wine tasting style note: Oak... duh.
Good stuff philosophy: Whether it's wine or whiskey. The good stuff has a lot going on. You taste something at the first sip. A little something else after that, and another flavor lingers after the drink. aka, the finish. The flavor reminds you of something, berry, citrus, etc... but the descriptions tend to get out of hand. The most ridiculous thing that I have seen in a wine review is saddle leather. Who own's a saddle? Even more interesting, who's licking it?
Serious tasting notes: The really old stuff is really concentrated. This is caused by evaporation, which is also called the angel's share. I rarely drink more than half a shot of really high quality liquor. This is good for my budget. I also realize that my taste buds get overloaded after the first couple of sips. It has a barley quality to it that reminds me of irish whiskey. Knowing that all bourbon is at least 50% corn, I'm intriqued.
Price: It was a gift. Thank you cousin-in-law David. It's pricey, look it up. Also, not available in Ohio.
Grade: A
Cost Adjusted Grade: A

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