Sunday, June 28, 2009

What in the world is... Thatcher's Apple Spice Ginger

What is it? It is an organic artisan liqueur

Ooh la la... I'm just doing my part to save the planet.

What does it taste like? Just like apple cider. It's only 30 proof, which is the equivalent of a strong red wine.

Any good stuff on the label? From the outskirts of Temperance, MI, surrounded by fields of corn, you will find the Thatcher's distiller. In here you won't find large automated machines, instead you'll find people. You see, people are the true spirit of Thatcher's.... I can't make this shit up.

What should it say? Here in Michigan, we have pansy football teams, so we make a pansy drink.

Any cocktail ideas? Two parts rye, 1 1/2 parts Thatcher's, dash of Angostura bitters. We'll call it the Rich Rod.

Finally worked in the name of the blog. Sure did!

Price: $16.99
Grade: B-
Cost adjusted Grade: B

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