Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Power Wry 2012 Week 5 College Football Rankings: Who's Number 1? The world and WWK want to know?

Unlike the other dumb ass college football rankings that start in the preseason.  This Dumb ass waits five weeks to show you that he doesn't know dick.

The Power Rye, or Power Wry, depending on my mood and state of sobriety, is the most accurate ranking of college football available.  Each week, I feed all of the facts, figures, stats, scores and a pint of rye whiskey into the Power Rye ranking matrix.  Two days later, I pinch off a post.

  1. Oregon (4-0) Defeated Washington State 51-26: I actually have much respect for the PAC-12 this year.  That's right SEC.
  2. Alabama (4-0) Defeated Mississippi 33-14: 4 S's * 2 P's raised I to the 4th Power + M.  Sounds about right.
  3. South Carolina (5-0) Defeated Kentucky 38-17.  John Calipari had his team in contention at the turn, but a couple of bottles of Dom and a steak sandwich and... a steak sandwich charged to the Underhill's account rallied Steve Spurrier's team to victory.
  4. Florida State (5-0) I thought that I could get by without a small conference team in the rankings, but that ACC has some athletes.
  5. West Virginia (4-0) Defeated Baylor 70-63.  Lost in the 70 points of offense, was the 63 points surrendered to an RG III-less Baylor.  WVU, pride of the BIG 12(East-$$$$ really wanted to be in the ACC Suck it Louisville)
  6. Kansas State (4-0) Did not play, as always, well played.
  7. Georgia (5-0) Defeated Tennessee 51-44.  Mister Windell suffered an ACL sprain at the end of the 3rd quarter, dooming the Vols.
  8. Texas (4-0) Defeated Okie State 41-36.  Looking forward to that Oct-Nov collapse.
  9. Ohio State (5-0) Defeated Michigan State 17-16.  Homer.
  10. Oregon State (3-0) Defeated Arizona 38-35.  Any team that has beaten Wisconsin is ok in my book.

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