Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NFL Levels Unjust Punishment for Bounties

Lost a midst the hoopla surrounding the stiff penalties leveled on the New Orleans Saints today, was the on and off and on again penalty leveled against New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan for the bounty program he ran in Baltimore.  Years ago, Ravens Fluke-man turned Linebacker Terrell Suggs bragged about a bounty program that they Ravens Defense had on Hines Ward.  As punishment, Ryan's current team will have to forfeit a 4th & 6th Round draft pick, plus endure at least one season of Tebowmania. 
I'm gonna get you Hines!
Commissioner Roger Goodell: "Bounty activity has no place in the NFL.  The penalty could have been harsher.  If they had actually ever managed to knock that grin off of Ward's face; we would have added Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocino to their rosters.  Ask the Bengals how a year like that feels."
Can you throw?
You'll fit right in.

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