Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Glenfiddich 12. Glenfiddich 15. Glenfiddich 18.

Glenfiddich has a nice sampler pack containing three 200 ml bottles for around $50.  It doesn't quite add up to your standard 750 ml bottle, but the 12 year sells for around $40 on it's own, so it's not a bad deal.

I have been pretty anti-scotch on the blog, but I am finding that as I go back to whisky's that are not heavily peated, it can be quite tasty.  I think that the Islay style of scotch is similar to the big, smokey trend in dark beers these days.  It's an interesting flavor, but I don't want to drink a lot of it.  Actually, I don't want to drink any of it.

Anyway, back to the tiered flight.  I find the 12 year to be honey sweet, with some leather and a hint of mint and oak.  It is aged in new American and Spanish oak.

The 15 year has similar flavors, but they are more subtle.  It is aged in sherry, bourbon and new oak barrels and put together in an Oregon pine Solera vat.  I'm a huge fan of Solera aged spirits and this one does not disappoint.

The 18 is aged in Spanish Oloroso Sherry and American Oak.  It is slightly smokey and has more oak.  It is only 80 proof, but a little bit of water does open it up a bit giving a slight apple flavor.

This was a fun tasting (at least it was for me) in which you get to see the difference that age, and the types of barrels can make in a single malt.  The good and bad news is that I am back into Scotch.  Good for my taste buds, bad for my wallet.  I think that the 15 is my favorite, but the 12 is very drinkable and also highly recommended if you are budget conscious.  The 18 is not bad, but surprisingly less complex than the 15.

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