Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gentleman Jack

You won't ever see a review for Jack Daniel's on this site.  Why is that you ask?  Because Jack is the one that sent me over the edge many years ago.  Just like many of you won't acknowledge that tequila is a fine spirit because of the 20 shooters you did that one time in college.  I have a similar tale with me and Jack.  Work retreat; bathtub full of beer.  Someone at the end of the night pours a glass to the rim with Jack and offers it to my friend.  "I won't drink it, but Jim will."  I chugged it.  I shouldn't have.  (And fuck you very much Anne for pouring it and Chad for setting me up)  For those of you who have never experienced it, thanks to Jack (and the beers prior to Jack) I can assure you that the dry heaves are not a myth.  They are oh-so-real.  I have to say that I did tough it out the next day and played 18.  I also shot 200.

All of this wonderful imagery brings me to Gentleman Jack, a premium version of Jack Daniel's.  It's actually pretty tasty.  Kind of a nutty flavored bourbon, or I guess I should say Tennessee Whiskey.  Pay close attention dear reader because I know the secret of Gentleman Jack's superior flavor.  My wife's-father's-mother's-sister's-son's-wife's-sister's-husband used to work for Jack Daniel's tells me that the secret ingredient is that they added sugar during bottling.  The best part of that little anecdote.  It's not bullshit.

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