Friday, June 1, 2012

Widmer Brothers Kill Devil Brown Ale

I should start by saying that Ron Matusalem did not provide the barrels for the Kill Devil.

This is a pretty cool beer.  It is "Aged in Puerto Rican rum barrels, and brewed with Sweet Barbados and Blackstrap molasses, palm sugar, and Calypso hops, Kill Devil’s flavor and name were inspired by the ingredients used by Caribbean distillers.”

It is a really smooth and tasty beer.  It is somewhat similar to Kentucky Bourbon Ale; both beers have integrated the flavors from the barrel, but you don't really taste the spirit that was originally aged in the barrel.  I like my barrel aged beers to have a bit of a kick, so I undid their hard work by throwing a shot of Ron Matusalem into my final pour from the pounder.  That's more like it.

Either way it's a damn tasty beer.

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