Sunday, April 22, 2012

Woodford Reserve Double Oak

Woodford has added a second product to their normal offering of Bourbon.  This bourbon is the typical Woodford Reserve that has been aged in a second, heavily toasted barrel after it has matured.  More on the process can be seen in the video below.

That is all wonderful, but the question is how does it taste?  I had it described to me as dry, and that wine term is accurate.  There is very little sweetness to be found with this whiskey.  Not surprisingly, there is a strong wood flavor, but the tannin is not so strong that it completely ruins it.  A splash of water opens it up a bit and allows some vanilla and honey to come through.  It is an interesting whiskey, but I have trouble recommending it at $50.  Honestly, it barely resembles a Bourbon.

However.  This is the official Bourbon of the $1000 mint julep at this years Kentucky derby¹.  You know, the $10 cocktail in the $990 cup.  I played the home game last night, and after a couple of julep's, I know that the bottle will not be laying around collecting cobwebs for long.  All it needed was sugar and mint to taste good.

I would also be remiss if I did not try this in a Manhattan.  Doesn't work.

¹  2012 for readers from the future.

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