Sunday, April 29, 2012

W.H. Harrison Whiskey

Indiana has made a habit of sending their best to Columbus.  See Oden, Gregg, Connely, Michael Jr, Thomas, Deshawn... I could go on all day.

Now they have sent us their bourbon.  This bourbon is named after William Henry Harrison, who also started his career in Indiana, before seeing the light and moving to Ohio.  He was elected the 9th President of the USA and promptly died of pneumonia 32 days after taking the office.

I've looked at some of the bourbon message boards, and there is a bit of a kerfuffle about whether or not they are distilling it in Indiana, or just bottling it there.  I personally could care less.

This is a very corn forward bourbon.  There is a bit of orange, vanilla and cinnamon.  Not extremely complex, but satisfying.

I will give them credit.  If we zoom in on the label, we can see that one noxious Indiana ingredient has not infected this product.  100% Tom Crean Free.  Which also means that it is Harbaugh free, once removed.

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