Saturday, February 2, 2013

Received for Review: Bulleit 10 Bourbon

This is an older version of the standard Bulleit, which the internet tells me is aged for 4-6 years and is actually made by Four Roses.  The standard Bulleit is one of my favorite $20ish bourbons.  It has a high rye mash bill, which gives it some bite.  Side by side, the standard is quite tame.  The 10 year has it's bite in the fore, with a really pleasant finish.  The standard is sort of the opposite.  Nice sweet flavor at first with a kick in the teeth finish.  The 10 year retails for around $45.


  • Is it better?  Yes.  I like it a lot.
  • It costs twice as much, is it twice as good?  No, but it is in the ballpark.
  • Is it worth $45?  The times they are a changing.  I've paid more for much worse, and the craft distillery revolution has certainly muddled things when it comes to determining what something should cost.  I am officially waffling on this question.  I didn't pay for it.

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