Monday, April 4, 2011

Barrels? We don't need no stinking barrels. Part 3: Our honor defend, we'll fight to the end for OYO?

OK.  We have a white whiskey that admits that it's a white whiskey (scroll down two posts.).  A white whiskey perfuming itself up to be gin (one post down).  And now we got a white whiskey claiming to be vodka?

The first time that I tasted this vodka, I thought that it was a nice mash bill for a whiskey.  I'm quite happy that I'm going to get my wish.  The wheat whiskey is due out this month. 

This is not the "vodka" for your typical cranberry and spread legs cocktail.  You should drink it neat and appreciate it.  It's made from 100% Ohio winter wheat.  Which was only 2 pts worse then Kentucky winter wheat this year.  This is what happens if you don't triple distill the life and joy out of... well, life. 

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