Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Power Rye's Inaugural Official BS College Football Rankings

  1. LSU.  (6-0)  The "BS" stands for bat-shit crazy Les Miles.
  2. THE Ohio State University.  (6-0)  Terrelle Pryor's good, but he's no Jacory Harris.  Plus, impressive victories against ACC teams do not count.
  3. Nebraska.   (5-0)   Should waltz through the crappy Big 12 North.
  4. Oregon.  (6-0)  I actually like the uniforms.  Rose Bowl butt whooping still fresh in my mind.
  5. Michigan State.  (6-0)  The South Carolina of the midwest is due to implode any day now.
  6. South Carolina.  (4-1)  The Michigan State of the south is due to implode any day now.
  7. Oklahoma.  (5-0)  See Ohio State in regards to victories against ACC opponents.
  8. Alabama.  (5-1)  Evil schedule may bite them again before it's all over.
  9. Boise State.  (5-0)  Legally obligated to be included in any and all polls.  See Ohio State and Oklahoma for my opinion on the Va Tech victory.
  10. TCU.  (6-0)  #1 high school team in Texas.

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