Thursday, July 1, 2010

This Means Something

Well we did it.  We've finally hit our 50th state.  Though not with rave reviews.  Wyoming is the last state to visit our glorious drinking blog, and they don't appreciate being called lame.

Allow me to quote the brave poster: Anonymous  "Good! Then stay the Hell out, we don't want you here anyway."

My first reaction is that I can't decide what surprises me more, that they have the internet in Wyoming, or that they have electricity.  What's next, indoor plumbing?

I was eating dinner tonight and it hit me.
Devil's Tower Wyoming is where the Alien Invasion of the NBA Started!
Of course they hate this blog.  I'm the one who exposed their sinister plot.  Take that Xenu.
Now the only question is, which one of these green blooded bastards is after me?

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  1. funniest post yet! nice work! bhc inda house