Monday, November 9, 2009

Announcing the Session #34: Stumbling Home

It's time to give a shout out to your favorite watering hole.  How good are the beers?  Any interesting cast of characters?  What are your drinking buddies like?  They probably need to be embarassed on the internet.  Now's the time.

You don't have to limit yourself to one.  Feel free to reminisce about the good old days if you like.  Maybe you are a shut-in like this guy, and don't get out that much, talk about the home bar.

There is a catch.  This booze stuff has interesting side effects.  That means, you can't get behind the wheel.  You gotta walk, take public transportation, or be a regular supporter of your favorite taxi company.  Bicycles are acceptable but you still need to be careful.  I have the cracked helmet and scars to prove it.  Gotta love the 5 mph one man crash.

Send an e-mail to with your post, or leave the link in the comments section.  Thanks.


  1. As a graduate of Rose Bowl bound THE Ohio State University, good to see a blogger from Columbus hosting a session. Back in the day, Dick's Den just north of campus was my favorite watering hole within walking distance. Ever been there? Anyway, thanks for hosting, and take care.

  2. It's still there, and shamefully, it's still on my to-do list. Most of the campus bars that I frequented have either been burned down or bought out and knocked down. I've got some OSU stuff in the football category. My favorite post is more anti Michigan than pro OSU.

  3. Hi Jim,

    Here's my contribution to The Session:

    Thanks for hosting and take care,


  4. Here's a Pac-10 faithful contribution.

    And what's with no copy/paste in the comments?

  5. This is my first time doing a Session post. Hope it's an enjoyable read for everyone.


  6. Here's my contribution:

  7. Thanks for hosting Jim.

  8. Here is my submission.

    Thanks for hosting.

    A Beer in Hand is Worth Two in the Fridge!

  9. Here's my contribution.

    Thanks for hosting!


  10. My late-entry post on The Brew Site is available here:

    Cheers! Thanks for hosting!

  11. Here's my contribution, hope it's not too late: